Shapov – Beats Do Work [Monomark]

While waiting for his anticipated track “Some People“, Shapov out of the blue is about to release another tune on Matisse & Sadko's imprint, Monomark Music. Entitled “Beats Do Work“, the Russian prodigy delivers a heavy, ravy-like production, moving away from his melodic lines.

Similar to his style on his latest free remix on Panic! At The Disco‘s track ‘Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time‘, continues to experiment by creating a variety of tunes.

Cleverly combining classic and forward-thinking elements has now become a signature characteristic for the young Russian's work, that have in turn come to form the ‘Shapov sound', which dominated 2016 and will continue to dominate in 2017.

He may be a new name to the dance music community, but he has certainly paid his dues and rightly established himself under his previous moniker, Hard Rock Sofa. A duo which in themselves have an esteemed reputation. Signed to Axwell's , Shapov has been busy as of late with a string of heavily-supported releases, showcasing his genre-defying style across the past year or so.

Just to mention, the Original and the Axwell & Remode of his track “Belong” on Axtone reached more than 7 million streams online!

Now it's time for Matisse & Sadko to welcome their native fellow on Monomark label, making a promising start with Shapov's debut on their own imprint.

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