John Dahlbäck

John Dahlback – Exclusive Interview With The Swedish Producer

He’s currently finishing his new album, which will be varied and experimental, while his latest tracks ‘Bapalapa’ and ‘Candy’ has taken the internet by the storm. Swedish DJ and producer  hints at Viralbpm the diversity that fans would see on his upcoming working titles, following the previous success of his album ‘Saga’ on Armada Music, which has been one of the most anticipated releases in Electronic Music industry. The forward-thinking mastermind not only shares with us his influences and advices for the newcomers, but also reveals his belief about the talent that will conquer 2017.

V1: Recently you’ve teamed up with Dutch singers Nick & Simon on ‘Won’t Back Away’, which comes hot on the heels of your latest singles ‘Bapalapa’ and ‘Candy’. Is this a sneak peek of your forthcoming album?

: They are not a certain style that will necessarily be on the album. It’s more a proof that the album will be very varied and experimental from my side!

V2: Who would you say has influenced you the most musically?

: I can’t name a person actually. I get inspired by different genres of music but mostly places I go to. I’m also one of those people who get inspired by just opening my laptop.

V3: Which do you consider as your biggest moment in your career so far?

: To see music that weren’t aimed to get onto radio and then do so. “Raven” is a good example! We thought it was a cool club track; but 11 million streams on later, we were clearly wrong.

V4: What piece of advice would you give to young producers who dream (sounds a little farfetched) to reach your artistic standards?

: You have to be original and don’t try to sound exactly like anyone else. You can of course be inspired by a certain song or dj, but you need to have your own style. Another thing is to set up smaller goals on your way and have a steady aim for what you wanna do.

V5: Which people helped you the most during your career?

:  My cousin Jesper has been very helpful with advices and feedback on songs during the early days. I was also super inspired by him when I started!

V6: Any new producers you think they will be big in the next year? Some talented artists that impressed you the most during the last year?

: Definitely BROHUG.

V7: Any interesting news you would like to share with us regarding your plans in 2017?

: I’m currently finishing my album and I’m very excited to hear what people think of it!

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