TNY & LUQ – Gloria via Arise [Free Download]

Promising producers from Britain, TNY & LUQ aka Tony Robinson and  are back with another great progressive track titled “Gloria” on Arise Records, which is about to release three new tracks this month.

After releasing “Finis” on August on the newly-established label Unicus Records, the British talents return to deliver a melodic progressive production, on which are based mostly to be inspired.

Full of emotion, crafted carefully with impressive elements, “Gloria” reminds us the good times of this genre.

Given his fresh perception in EDM productions, #Roxana follows up his latest tracks released on Unicus, which apart from #Finis (with Luke Booth), also includes #Initium (with ) and #Eternity

TNY & LUQ's new track on Arise label will be available on December 9th. | Catalogue Number: AR007.

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