Feder “Lordly” Remixes Out Now

Platinum-awarded French producer is ready to unveil the remixes for his latest hit single “,” featuring Alex Aiono. Out now via Warner, the remix package includes reworks by upcoming electronic talent including The Parakit, TRXD and Wielki, as well as an instrumental version of the single.

Parisian duo The Parakit, focus on string synths and dominant club beats in their rework. Elsewhere, Nordic duo TRXD's rework is surrounded by swarming synth melodies and a heavy duty bassline. Finally, Parisian producer Wielki adds reverbed chords and a disjointed, melodic synth hook to his remix, creating a dark atmosphere. Upcoming producers Khåen, Magtfuld and MDZN have also added their unique spins to “Lordly.”

Since its release, “Lordly” has amassed nearly 5 million Spotify streams, peaked at #1 on the Trending chart and the official music has received over 4.5 million views and counting.

1. Lordly (Instrumental Mix)
2. Lordly (feat. Alex Aiono) (Khåen Remix)
3. Lordly (feat. Alex Aiono) (Magtfuld Remix)
4. Lordly (feat. Alex Aiono) (MDZN Remix)
5. Lordly (feat. Alex Aiono) (The Parakit Remix)
6. Lordly (feat. Alex Aiono) (TRXD Remix)
7. Lordly (feat. Alex Aiono) (Wielki Remix)

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