Rising Singer-Songwriter and Ethereal Entertainer Adara’s Debut EP “AfterGlow” Out Now

Since making her debut as an effervescent EDM-pop crossover act for electronic music’s biggest names, Adara now gets to showcase her singing and songwriting talents on her first solo EP, “AfterGlow,” out today on all music portals.

Seven diversely catchy songs accompany lead single “Open Eyes,” which Adara released this summer with Estiva. Running the gamut from radio-friendly tunes like “MixTape” and “Say Yes” to down tempo ballads like “Death of a Star” and “Oasis” to her biggest track “Stadium,” Adara proves her musical chops aren’t constrained to one single genre.


With the release of “AfterGlow,” Adara brings her mantra “Those who do not fit into this world are meant to create their own” to a new audience.

From her chart-topping tracks with Shogun, LTN, K-Theory, The Spacies and more, her songwriting accolades debuting at #3 on the World Billboard Chart with K-Pop star Luna on SM Entertainment, and her own discography of over a dozen solo tracks, Adara’s free-spirited vocal talents will continue to inspire listeners across the spectrum of dance music.

Grab “AfterGlow today!


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