Generation HEX ADE Sampler

Don Diablo presents Generation HEX ADE Sampler [Hexagon]

At this year's Amsterdam Dance Event, Hexagon‘s boss Don Diablo revealed one of the best samplers presented by numerous labels that took part. Generation HEX ADE Sampler includes 10 tracks produced by the likes of SaganMadison MarsLandisJonas AdenBrooksDropgunFarleonRyan BlythDuane HardenBali BanditsGoing DeeperVndy Vndy and Toby Green.

Don Diablo started his label, over a year ago, to support records and talent that he's passionate about.

Fast forward to now a lot has changed. The “ sound” has taken over clubs and radio stations across the globe and with this lots of new talent has risen.

Unfortunately I have to be very picky when it comes to releases on my label, simply because there is too much good music out there. says Don Diablo.

This year he decided to do a full on ADE sampler because the No15 in this year's DJ Mag Top100 wanted to showcase all this amazing talent in one compilation and to present the world the future….of Future House.

Every single track on the compilation is unique, well produced and original in it's own way so he's very proud to present these ten amazing tracks and the talent that comes with it! Enjoy them!

Listen to ‘Generation HEX ADE Sampler' below or buy stream it here.

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