Don Diablo

Don Diablo – Cutting Shapes [Hexagon]

Don Diablo announced a few days ago his new single titled “Cutting Shapes“. If you're fond of Future House you'll wholeheartedly like this track set for release on HEXAGON in October 14th.

Premiered on Hexagon Radio Episode 086, remains faithful to his roots. His typical elements can be found as usual in abundance here. He has also built smaller vocal parts.

The number has a tremendous amount of energy and expressiveness. In addition, the melody can be very convincing and clearly stands out.

The Main Part sounds very innovative, linked however to his previous productions and could do with a little fine tuning well.

Nevertheless, it sounds solid and makes again extremely good mood. It is remarkable, considering the rise of Don Diablo in recent in retrospect.

Don Diablo in his early days he used another completely different style until he approached his first Future House daring productions.

One has the feeling that he has finally arrived and has its stamp set final. Respect!

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