KEV – Chapter X EP [BMD Ψ Friends]

Following the successful release of ‘iDANCE’, the latest to land on BMD Ψ FRIENDS is a 4-track EP called ‘Chapter X EP’ from the emerging Swedish pop and RnB trio, KEV.

KEV consists of Kevin Stefansson, Viktor Broberg & Sebastian Atas (from Galavant) all of them based in Halmstad, Sweden. Although Kevin is the only one in the spotlight, their music is undeniably unique and diversified thanks to their different musical backgrounds which have allowed them to take their music to new heights in the form of creative experimentation.

Our EP is out. ‘Chapter X’ is here for you all. Songs about happiness, sadness, about doubts, visions, moments – about life. Love to all of you! –KEV

Chapter X’ kicks off with the solid electro-pop piece titled ‘Moments’, in which KEV uniquely delivers ecstatic vibes through the cheerful chords alongside the alluring vocals, somewhat reminiscent of M83 thus setting a potent mood for the EP.

Furthermore, ‘Visionary’ serves as one of the more journey-driven crafted tracks on the Chapter X EP with its atmospheric build-up that later on leads to a stomping beat accompanied by the enthralling vocals and danceable synths giving an uplifting feel to the track.

Pushed Away’ is a piece that’s filled with profundity and soulful elements to provide a calm setting for the listener as well as give the EP a more down-tempo piece.

Moreover, ‘Hometown’ rounds off the EP in a properly notable way with its distinct melodic hook and the outstandingly breathy vocals which is all together surrounded by a dreamy atmosphere that finalizes the EP.

‘Chapter X EP’ is ultimately a unique EP that combines influences from pop, electronic, dance and indie whilst also reinforcing the label’s forward-thinking reputation in an utterly blissful way.

BMD Ψ Friends (pronounced BMD with Friends) is a multi genre record label, which is determined to demonstrate how music and art are so closely intertwined through the creative processes. They want to be a collaborative platform for all sorts of creativity and release high quality original music from all over the world. In this way,  BMD continue to be a challenging, innovative and creative label in the business!


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