David Guetta feat. Chris Willis – Love is Gone (Misha K Remix) [Free Download]

is back after his remix of “In My Head” with and his original track ‘Lyra' with . Now, he takes a whack at 's hit “Love Is Gone”, which is available as a free download.

Misha K flips the song on its head, leaving everything but the vocals from the original behind.

He brazenly wipes away the intro's trademark metallic synth stabs and conjures up a new preface, stuffed with thunderous drums, frantic synths and distorted vocal hooks that waste little time in building up to a soaring drop.

The track then bounces along to thumping percussion and reverb-drenched synths before finally allowing the original to seep in, Chris Willis's impassioned vocals howling along to Misha K's equally feverish piano riff.

The fiery vocals and beats disentangle themselves long enough for yet another epic drop before sinking back into the intro melody, artfully bookending yet another inventive story told by Misha K.

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