Kled Mone

Kled Mone Ft. Yalena – Nothing Else Matters [Free Download]

It’s a fact that any known attempts at remixing Metallica‘s heavy metal hymn “Nothing Else Matters” have fallen into deaf ears. This one though is a game changer, as its a cover defined by dark and melancholic chords, which preserves the vulnerable details and emotional intensity of the original track, while maintaining a certain range of deep electronic elements.

Kled Mone‘s courageous perception, wouldn’t have become a reality if the talented producer hadn’t used Yalena amazing voice instead of James Hetfield’s original vocals. To speak the truth, when we saw this cover we were prejudiced about the result. But from the first play, we changed our mind, not to mention that’s also a free download.

Listen to  Ft. Yalena – Nothing Else Matters below and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

“I had this idea for this new cover. I wanted something moody , dark and somehow fucked up. But this wouldn’t be the same with out the amazing voice of Yalena”, says Kled Mone.

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