Ekstra – Voltage (Original/Maxon Edit) [Void]

This story keeps on reminding us that artists should first be honest with their selves and then with all the others if they want to be followed and supported. May this unfortunate incident be a paradigm to be avoided by all the new producers, who want to make a living out of it and be recognized for their work.

Stay humble and be patient. Fail again, fail better. The time will come | Viralbpm

“Voltage” was produced three years ago by American DJ/producer Ekstra. Last year Axel Bless copied it and re-edited it with Maxon to Medusa. Now the original track gets a second chance.

You might remember the story Code Red roasted in December about the fact that the track “Medusa” was stolen, but German producer was falsely accused of doing that.

VOID Records recently decided to pull back “Medusa” from every shop. Now the Swedish label will release the original track “Voltage” by Ekstra with a Maxon edit that pretty much sounds the same as the “Medusa” we know.

Both Maxon and VOID Records were deceived by Axel Bless and we’re not even mentioning how Ekstra must have felt when he noticed his production got stolen. This way the label by Wayne & Woods literally sets the record straight. Ekstra gets the release he always deserved and by releasing a Maxon edit, also the German DJ/producer is rewarded for his studio efforts.

The original version is more electro and has a nice oldskool touch. Not that strange, because it was produced three years ago. The Maxon edit is more energetic and builds on that electro feel, but with a progressive touch giving it a bit more energy.

Via: Code Red

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