Adriano Fuerte

Adriano Fuerte – Atlantis (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Adriano Fuerte, one of Croatia’s most prestigious DJ/Producers, proudly presents his next track “Atlantis“. Fuerte has been working on very hard for hours and hours for this production, which he claims that is more than just another melodic progressive house track: It’s emotional, inspirational, energetic and victorious.

Atlantis is a historical lost city, an imaginary place where life is beautiful. Sometimes we all want to run far away from this cruel and mean world and enjoy life without pain and sadness. I hope you will enjoy the journey to Atlantis, says Adriano Fuerte.

He’s 23 years old and had the opportunity to play at first ever in Croatia. Moreover, he has made his move to Croatia’s leading radio station ”Enter Zagreb”. There he provides the hottest tracks within a 1 hour mix.

Being one of the very few artists that plays the Progressive-House/Electro genre he has became one of the most listened to aritsts in his country. He claims himself to be one of the best DJ/Producers in the world and you should not forget his name. He is the next big thing. #StayFuerte

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