Hodor Launches Rave of Thrones in London – Easter Sunday at Bankside

The White Walkers and their army of the dead descend upon Westeros, with little time before the impending apocalypse reaches King's Landing. To that end, the Small Council has decided to throw a huge party for the citizens, allowing them to celebrate their last few days before doom in true Baratheon style.
The Master Of Coin has decreed that the the party, dubbed the ‘Rave Of Thrones‘, should be a fully immersive experience, turning the cavernous tunnels under London Bridge into the Seven Kingdoms themselves, resplendent with Dothraki warriors, citizens of Dorne, the Unsullied and, of course, Kahleesi's fire breathing pets, not to mention 3D mapped visuals, pyrotechnics and a light show to rival a castle . Littlefinger's Brothel, the Icy North and other famous landmarks of Westeros will be recreated in an old train depot on the banks of the River Thames itself.
We needed someone of the utmost strength, honour and dedication to the cause to carry the heaviest responsibility: providing the soundtrack to the Rave Of Thrones. There was one man who stood head and shoulders above the rest: KRISTIAN NAIRN, also known as Hodor, who will be utilising his years of DJing experience to keep all dancing until winter comes. He'll be joined by FINN JONES, known in Westeros as Ser Loras Tyrell, known throughout the Seven Kingdoms for his dashing good looks and skill in battle, who's skills on the decks are held in equally high regard. There will be special guests also gracing us with their presence, so stay tuned to find out who will be joining us to party the night away.
Rave Of Thrones comes to London for one night and will sell out quickly with over 2000 clubbers in a unique venue in London: buy your ticket early to avoid being condemned to The Wall….
Aranat oqo!

Tickets: https://billetto.co.uk/rave-of-thrones
Information: http://www.raveofthroneslondon.com/
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1705889319634792/
Venue: Bankside Vaults, London Bridge, No. 1 Invicta Plaza, South Bank, London, SE1 9UF

Rave of Thrones London

Easter Sunday, 27th March
At Bankside Vaults
Feat. DJ sets from:
Kristian Nairn (Hodor)
& Finn Jones (Ser Loras Tyrell)
+ Special Guests TBA


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