Maxon & Carltone – Nemesis (Irision Remix) [Free Download]

Imagine the definision of “remix” and then listen to Irision‘s futural touch on 's & 's track “Nemesis“.

What you'll hear is an “Electronic Renaissance”, almost psychedelic on a music canvas. Even though the artist's information is limited for the time being, we can tell that Irision is bringing a new wave of sound and energy, no matter the genre. A “rebirth” as he might call it.

Irision's edit is the first remix released of Maxon's & Carltone's “Nemesis”. However, before downloading it-as it's available as a free download- take some time to read his interesting literary mini story. “I come from a place in the future”, Irition mentions “and I've come back to tell you my story”.

[av_two_third first av_uid='av-4hti43′]I am Irision. The date is 18.01.3034.The future.
After a striking discovery, the lies that the Elders had been teaching my kind since our creation were exposed. I have learned the truth of our world and vowed to take revenge from those I once called masters. Those I protected since the day of my birth. Those that seek to destroy the ones I love. I have become an enemy of the powerful Citadel. The ground will shake with their cries as I chase them to their ruin. Their world will fall and ours will rise once more.
I am the #Nemesis.

[av_one_third av_uid='av-25mlgj']Nemesis[/av_one_third]

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