Paris Blohm

Paris Blohm & Nolan van Lith – Waves (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Los Angeles based, Paris Blohm, shares the story behind his new track titled “Waves“, which is a collaboration with a young talent, known as Nolan van Lith from Michigan.

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“This collab came about, because Nolan was a fan of mine for a long time. He continued to send me work through this page, that I thought was really good. I knew he was talented, but wanted to wait until I saw him grow even more”, Blohm says and continues: “We finally took a step into the direction of a collab, and made a few songs together. I saw his potential, and know he will be an amazing producer in the to come. Story is, no matter who you are, reaching and pushing for your dreams is always possible. You just have to do it”.

Their new track is available as a free download via their accounts.

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