Years feat. PRYVT RYN – Forget You [Code Red]

With the first official release of Code Red under his belt, it was just a matter of time before would return to Code Red.

The Norwegian talent his collaboration Zulu with Marcus Schössow was a great start of the label. Schössow turned to Years once again to close the marvelous first year of Code Red with this massive track called “Forget You“.

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With early support from Tiësto, this new beauty from Years is bound to be a big anthem. Whether you play it at a festival, in the club or on the radio, Forget You touches you. The powerful bassline, euphoric synths and solid drive makes this new production by Years one no to forget easily. And we didn’t even spoke about the beautiful vocals by PRYVT RYN and his strong lyrics.

After the success of Zulu and his Sun Is Shining remix, Years proves he is here to stay. The young talent keeps putting out groovy productions, but doesn’t limit himself to a genre or specific sound. There are no boundaries to his creativity, something that Forget You proves once again when you compare it to his previous releases. And we love him for that, that’s what music and Code Red is about.


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Because we truly believe in Years his talent, we will release a mini documentary about the Norwegian DJ/producer. Everyone should get to know the man behind Forget You his sound, dreams and philosophy. Keep an eye out for that documentary, because it will be something special, we promise you that.

There was no doubt when Code Red chief Marcus Schössow got to hear Forget You. “We have to put this out a.s.a.p.!” And so we did.

We’re proud to present Years feat. PRYVT RYN – Forget You, Years his first solo track on Code Red and our eleventh release to end 2015 with a blast!

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