Arty – Kate (2015 Remix) [Anjunabeats]

It’s a perfect way to head towards the end of the year. Arty is releasing his re-imagination of his 2011 single ‘Kate’. In 2011,  described him as one of the hottest talents in the scene. And that intuition has turned out well, the ‘hottest talent’ of 2011 has become one of the leading artists and a representative of what Dance Music holds in store for to come.

In this revamp of his 2011 release, the Russian artist restructures the synth work in the breakdown and gives a more complete or musically wholesome feeling to the track.

Taking nothing away from the musical details and melody from the original, the 2015 remix is both reminiscent of the past and in-line with the Progressive Trance sounds of today. Some would say the older release is better, but the debate is always bipartisan with the enjoyment of ’s talent. Nevertheless, a fitting release on a fitting label, here is Kate – back where she belongs!

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