Alesso – ID (2016 EP)

Superstar 24-year-old DJ has just announced a number of his plans for 2016, including a series of EPs, festival dates, and even limited-edition merch — all as part of a renewed focus on his “Less Is More” ethos (also, conveniently, his Twitter bio).

[av_two_third first av_uid='av-9t3793′]According to a report from Music Times, Alesso plans to significantly scale back his touring schedule (though he did announce his headlining slot at Summerburst, the largest dance music festival in his native Sweden).

The talented Swede wants to focus on releasing music throughout the year via a series of EPs, emphasizing the accompanying music videos and as much as the tracks themselves.

“I wanted to limit the amount of appearances I made worldwide in 2016 in order to really focus on the experience, and make it really special,” Alesso told the site.

“The EPs will also allow me to capture a period of time or an influence from a particular place and sound, then encapsulate it in one piece of work and later move easily into a new phase.

The clothing line will arrive next month (just in time for the holidays) and include a series of limited-edition pieces available for only 24 hours at a time.”[/av_two_third].
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