The Manager & Pascovski V – Shorted Energy [ARMED]

The Romanian producers / DJ’s from Spinnin’ Records: The Manager & Pascovski V , are launching the track “SHORTED ENERGY” , dedicated exclusively to the victims of the Colectiv Club – Bucharest

The Manager & Pascovski V is a duo in the electronic music made by Mihai Dragu and Victor Pascoviski, dj and producers, being known as the most active promoters of the electronic music in their country. The two made the first step in 2013, succeding together to complete an important project for them, the achievement of a musical perfomant studio. Shortly the two produced their first electro-house production entitled ARMED which had a very great success by singing a contract with the well known SPINNIN’ RECORDS..


“Our last track “Shorted Energy” was strangely finished on Friday 30.10.2015 around 20:00.
We met at the studio to make the final touches before sending the release to our collaborators in England for mastering.
We would like for this musical production EDM to be connected to a particular event, looking for something special.
The track itself is a message that shares the joy of living with the existential drama and intense emotions specific to electronic music lovers.
We have never thought that in the same day such a tragedy would happen, shattering the Colectiv club in Bucharest; where the energy of such beautiful, young and enthusiastic people, manifested at a rock concert, was to be short-circuited by an accident as unfortunate as it is tragic and destructive.
We realized, sadly, that we find in our production melodic passages which have many common bonds with the unlikely happening of that night.
We are profoundly affected by what happened, which is why we decided that “SHORTED ENERGY” would represent an homage to the victims of the Colectiv club.
Furthermore, we announce that the release signed Romania, will be put on sale in specialized stores (Beatport, iTunes and Spotify), all earnings from sales being donated to the families who must endure the loss of the loved ones”

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