Promise Land – Let The Groove via Sosumi [Free Download]

The fall is in full swing and Sosumi Records continues the playlist on slaught with the latest track from   titled “Let the Groove“. On now their second release with the label the guys from Italy switch the script and deliver a tribal laced, bumping, grooving peak time destroyer of a record.

The drums begin from the outset building into a thumpy kick until the chant worthy breakdown entices the crowd to ‘Let the Groove’ get in before the climactic drop brings all the previously mentioned elements together in an anthemic ensemble of percussion and ‘feel’ only describable by a physical reaction, whether bumping of the head, rolling of the shoulders or stomping of the feet. Sosumi aren’t finished for the year just yet!

Click the download button to get the MP3 of the track if you would like to (Free) download the lossless version of the track (AIFF) please go to

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