Steve Angello Releases Album Wild Youth Chapter One [SIZE]

[av_two_third first av_uid=’av-3iayq8′]Swede legend Steve Angello has released the First Chapter of his upcoming album “Wild Youth” as recently promised. It includes six tracks, from which three had already been released as singles.

Did the other three new tracks worth the wait? That’s a question we’ll let you answer by yourselves. The second chapter is scheduled to be released on the 22nd of January 2016. Pre-order his new album WILD YOUTH instantly:[/av_two_third]

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The Ocean” Feat. Julia SpadaSaturday, Monday: Adding his own progressive flavour, Steve Angello has gone on to remix fellow Swede producer Ludvig Parment aka Saturday,Sunday‘s much acclaimed track “The Ocean” which features Julia Spada on the vocals. The track is an excellent work ranging from the vocals to the violin samples and keeps a constant and exhilarating rhythm. It is intense, quick-paced and melodic and involves a refreshing approach by Steve adding good energy to it as a whole.

Prisoners” Feat. Gary Go: It combines Steve’s signature way of laying out progressive house tracks and Gary Go‘s incredible vocals and makes sure to cause a sudden surge in energy the moment the song explodes after the drop. The track incorporates some unique elements which is in sync with Steve’s approach of tapping into indie territory.

Tiger“: An utterly captivating track that is the perfect introduction to get us started on this album’s journey. This atmospheric instrumental features everything from electric guitars to drums to plucks and pads. By no means your typical dance track, ‘Tiger’ highlights Angello’s incredibly diverse production skillsThe song starts off with environmental sound samples and an orchestral sound but goes on to occupy a whole new space for itself and evolves into a sound which is almost atmospheric.

Remember” Feat. The Presets: Starting off the track with a beautiful piano intro, The Presets‘ rustic, heart-felt and soulful vocals kick in. This spine-tingling production just gets better every time you listen to it The track stays true to his “electronic indie crossover” comment about the album. The track progresses with a simple yet fitting acoustic guitar riff. It has ample amount of live instruments used and doesn’t fail to grab the listener’s attention. Heading towards the drop, the perfect synth work causes an explosion leaving you flooded with emotions.

Children Of The Wild” Feat. Mako: That was the kicking off the LP track, thus the earliest release of this album. an emotionally charged dance anthem that features Mako‘s addictive lyrical sound along with a harmonized choir of children, to capture the bittersweet essence of the song. The strong message is accompanied by a rip-roaring drum build up, climaxing with a liberating melody sequence that reflects the motivational idea carried perfectly.

Wasted Love” Feat. Dougy Mandagi: This track uniquely infuses the indie-style vocals with more organic instruments whilst still keeping an electronic touch throughout, and perfectly showcases Angello’s incredible ability to control energy and atmosphere in his productions. It kicks off with some beautifully subtle guitar strings, with Dougy’s vocals sitting perfectly with the whole arrangement. The chorus has a very “feel good” vibe to it with its infectious, positive energy.

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