Martin Garrix reportedly preparing to sue ex-manager

The plot has thickened for and his recent bid for professional independence. Having announced his departure from Spinnin' Records and its management leg back in August, reports now suggest that Garrix (real name Martijn Garritsen) plans to take Spinnin' founder and ex-manager Eelko Van Kooten to court surrounding matters that led to the termination of their professional relationship this year.

Garrix alleges that, as a 16-year-old new to the music industry, he was wrongly convinced into surrendering his rights to his music. Furthermore, he claims that Kooten gave misleading and false information at the time of his signing to the dual label and management company. Neither party has made any formal statement regarding proceedings and no concrete evidence of wrongdoing by Van Kooten or his business subsidiaries has been proven, though was hinted at during Garrix's public announcement of his parting back in August.

Source: De Telegraaf

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