David Vrong

David Vrong – Only Hope [BMD Ψ FRIENDS]

BMD Ψ FRIENDS up and rising label presents a new and colorful collaboration. This time with the very talented songwriter and designer, David Vrong. The name of this project is ‘A.D.S.R.' and its official title “Only Hope“.

“It's important for to demonstrate how music and are so closely intertwined through the creative processes. In this way, we continue to be a challenging, innovative and creative in the business”, BMD Ψ FRIENDS mentions for their next release, which will be available on November 12th!

David Vrong also adds: “Art and music have always been such an integrated part of my life that I couldn't do one without the other, so this project is a huge bit of me – to you. This has been a huge passion project of mine for quite some time now. And through the collaboration & support from BMD Ψ Friends, we will be releasing 4 tracks and 4 paintings over the next month. And there's going to be loads of more info to come over the next days/weeks”.

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