Jeremy Olander foto: Viktor Fremling

Jeremy Olander – Taiga (EP) [Vivrant]

With the anticipated unveiling of the inaugural release on his own Vivrant imprint entitled the ’Taiga’ EP, gives the public a sneak peek into his sonic treasure chest (VIV001). Filled to the brim with a seemingly infinite number of unreleased gems, his music has at last found a place to call home.

Accompanied by a graphical profile and work created in collaboration with multi-award winning creative studio Rebels Studios, the EP conceptually resembles a mini-album.

[av_two_third first av_uid=’av-4sgp1w’]Made up of a total of four tracks with the first and last offerings, ‘Taiga’ and ‘Falls’, taking on the roles of proverbial set opener and closer.

Played for the first time in Olander’s Group Therapy Radio guest mix, ‘Taiga’ is dark, thumping and hypnotic, while ‘Falls’, a new never before heard creation, is soft, dreamy and uplifting.

Second and third on the EP is ‘Pinkerton’ and ‘Roots’. While vastly different, they have a common denominator in being sophisticated, sure-fire peak time weapons.


[av_one_third av_uid=’av-31d6d0′]

‘Roots’ is energetic and soaring, while ‘Pinkerton’, made famous by the Olander and Prydz B2B Essential Mix from earlier this year, has an infectious, trembling trademark Olander lead and a sawtooth bass-line your ancestors will feel.

In a time when the artform of curating an EP is on life support in favour of the more chart friendly single format, the ‘Taiga’ EP restores faith. Unlike anything you’re likely to hear from anyone else, it paints a positive picture of the future of innovative dance music.

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