Mako – Smoke Filled Room (Elephante Remix) [Proximity] [Free Download]

Mako and Elephante talents united in one track is something you'll be happy to see. “Smoke Filled Room” is available as a free download via , which mentions in its channel: “Not sure if they could have done a better job!”.

At the same time Elephante says that “every now and then i hear a song that hits me right in the feels, makes me feel like butterflies and sunsets and lonely bars, and this was one of them. i was simultaneously in love and also furious that I didn't write this song, so i was incredibly psyched to work on the remix – it reminded me how fun and awesome making music can be. it's one of the most emotional and moving dance tracks I've heard in awhile, so I tried to honor that and still put my own twist on it. much love to mako, those guys are brilliant, so go follow them and check them out if you haven't already. ENJOY!!!”.

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