Behind the tunes: Cannavo & Nesse

Two of the Progressive scene's fastest rising talents, Cannavo & Nesse recently took 5 with us to talk on their new release with Speed Limits, first albums and studio routines…

Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to sit down with us! Lets get into it: at what age did you both know that you wanted a career in music and why?

C&N: I guess we both wanted to make music from a young age. But I think we decided to do it professionally in 2009 when we started studying music production.

What was the first record you bought?

Cannavo: I remember buying the Darude album after ‘Sandstorm' was released, haha. I was very disappointed when it was the only good track on it.

Nesse: I bought Bomfunk Mc's – ‘In Stereo' back in '99 and what a great album!

How did you both first meet and what was it about one another that made this duo begin?

C&N: We met through a mutual friend at the age of 13. At that point we both had begun making music independently. We started by exchanging each others project files from an early version of FL Studio (Back in the day when it was called Fruity Loops). We soon discovered that we had similar taste in music and decided to work together. Things are pretty much the same now, except we are using Cubase instead of FL Studio.

Whats a normal day in the studio like for Cannavo & Nesse?

C&N: We have always worked independently on different Apple Mac computers. In the last we have worked in the same studio every day. This way we can double the workload and efficiency. When we are doing specific projects like ‘Push' or ‘Apollo' we may send the project back and forth between our workstations just to brainstorm and get down specific ideas. When we have a bit of a structure to the track we concentrate on working together on one workstation, to get things like mixing just right.

So in other words; in the creative phase we usually work separately, while the technical phase (mixing. structure of the track and mastering) is always better to have four ears and two brains working at the same time.

For recent ‘Enhanced Progressive' release, you teamed up with Enhanced regulars Speed Limits. What was it about the collaboration that made this track so special?

Nesse: I had spoken to Espen (Speed Limits) for a while before we started this track. We discussed music and different and found out we had the same taste in electronic music. He had an idea for a breakdown and we instantly fell in love with it.

Speed Limits really have an ear for nice, euphoric melodies and breakdowns, but the track was missing the momentum. So since we love making growling, rough, and chuggy basslines it was a perfect match. That´s what made this track so special.

Which ‘Enhanced' producer´s would you like to collaborate with in the future?

C&N: We would really love to work with Wrechiski on a track or two. His music is always inspiring.

Alongside being awesome producers, you have an extremely successful career as sound designers. Tell us about what you are working on at the moment?

C&N: In the last two years our music and sound design has been aimed directly towards the media industry. This has resulted in work for major radio and television stations here in Norway. But in the last 5 months we have focused mainly on our music career and that has resulted in tracks like ‘Push' and ‘Apollo'.

Lastly. what's next for ‘Cannavo & Nesse'?

C&N: We continue to produce great music. It really is inspiring to get all the support from our fans and Enhanced Recordings.

Source: enhancedmusic

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