Jus Jack – Stargazing [TBM | Armada]

It's no secret that The Bearded Man (TBM) hates the cold. Sure, he can *appreciate* the staggering beauty of a sheer cliff of brilliant white ice in the heart of Antarctica. Yes, the glaciers of Greenland have a spectacular charm to them that will humble you to the core and offer you a sense of other-worldly perspective that's impossible to find anyone else on Earth. Yes, they make you appreciate how fragile the human condition is, and how even the smallest tweak to our perfect planet's ecosystem would be enough to destroy life as we know it.

Yes, it's undeniable that pushing yourself to the physical limit in isolation unlike anything you've ever known will reveal more about what it means to be alive than you've ever experienced before. How much will you appreciate warmth, food, company, a beach, Ibiza then? All the staggering beauty in the world can't compete with love, real friendship, and enjoying a special moment together. It may be said that The Bearded Man hates the cold, but then again, when he was Stargazing way up north, most likely while being actively hunted by a polar bear of some kind, he watched the northern lights with a very special someone, and it was a magical moment he'll never forget.

“Back at it this time with indie imprint Bearded Man. I've developed a great new vision of how I want to make music. Working with Talented people like i did on this record to make something really special and meaningful. The lyrics, the voice, the live guitars all tell a story. Hope you enjoy this next . I for one, am loving the music I am putting out again, and look forward to getting more songs like this out there. I'll leave the rest of it for the universe to decide”, wrote on his facebook wall for Stargazing.

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