Bali Bandits – Bend It [Revealed]

Release Date: OUT NOW!
Beatport Link:

Since bursting on to the scene in 2014, young Dutch duo Bali Bandits have left quite an impression on the contemporary dance music community. After releasing the standout tracks ‘OOST’ and ‘Need Someone’ through the mighty , they have spent their days crafting the audacious ‘Bend It’ – a melodious, energetic and grandiose slice of electro house that takes as many cues from arena filling rock bands as it does from the decorated history of dance music. ‘Bend It’ is available worldwide now!

‘Bend It’ is something of a departure from the Bali Bandits sound we have previously heard; a venture into more melodic and harmonious territory, with added emphasis on breathtaking highs and carefully constructed rhythms. Though the track may be short, it certainly is sweet – packing more intensity and emotion into its two and a half minutes than most producers achieve over the space of a full album. The towering drops and colossal beats of ‘Nosehorn’ and ‘OOST’ are still present, and the spirit of their earlier productions still audible, but ‘Bend It’ progresses their sound to a point far ahead of the crowd of similarly rising talents.

With support from both and WOLV records (Dyro’s personal imprint), Bali Bandits are sure to be the next electro-house superstars and break into the upper echelons of the genre with style and flair. With ‘Bend It’ these two young Dutch upstarts have cemented their place in this year’s finest discoveries, whilst simultaneously demonstrating their massive ambition and their desire to expand their already vast scope.

‘Bend It’ is available from Beatport NOW!

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