Tomo Hirata

Hotlife, Tomo Hirata & Derek Hake ft. Anna Yvette – Got You [Playbox]

The musical style of Dutch Hotfile meets Tomo Hirata, a true pioneer of Japnese EDM scene, and his fellow 19-years old DJ and producer, Derek. Featuring vocalist their track “Got You” is released via Playbox Music label.

Hotlife represents an enticing mix of progressive house, trance and electro. His releases carry a big torch for the uplifting side of trance, but with seriously engaging maximal house details in it. Keep a close eye on him, ’cause before you know it his singles will feature in your own live set!

Derek began with producing dubstep, but later on he found out that his real love is in the melodic and progressive house music. He released some free original downloads, intro edits and other bootlegs in the past few years, still inspired by almost every electronic music style. But now it’s time for the real work.

Tomo Hirata debuted as TOMOAKI from HOOJ CHOONS,UK in 1990 and brought UK-style club scene over to Japan.Since then,he has been working hard to spread the madness of UK/Euro ravers.In recent years he is so much into EDM and plays DJ regularly at EDMS(Japan’s first big EDM party) and has own EDM radio show on Japan’s most popular dance station BlockFM.

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