Eric Prydz feat. Rob Swire – Breath (RIP) [Beats1 Premiere]

[av_two_third first av_uid=’av-4mvmvs’]Eric Prydz revealed once again a brand new track called “Breath“, featuring the vocalist Rob Swire. 

Having premiered a bunch of new tracks a few weeks ago, Eric Prydz surprises fans yet again in his latest show with the absolutely immense track featuring Pendulum and former member.

All we can say about this guy every time we listen to something new in his Beats1 radio show is that his a league of it’s own. Eric Prydz has held a Beats 1 Radio residency since its inception, and in this second show, he debuts an extremely interesting collaboration with Rob Swire, who – rather than providing production assistance – is actually adding vocals to the track! The collaboration was tweeted out by Rob, confirming the title of the track to be “Breath”.


[av_one_third av_uid=’av-2qxv1k’]



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