Oleska – Road Trip [Armada|TBM]

ROAD TRIP!!! Bags packed. Supplies? A briefcase full of a whole galaxy of multi-colored Skittles, chips, Warheads, Pop Rocks and also a quart of Coke, a case of stroopwafels, a pint of raw apple juice, you get the idea.

Once you get locked into a serious snack collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can. But where is The Bearded Man () headed on this rainy, gray, abysmal day? And why is the top down on his convertible?

In answer to the second question, it's because it's broken, but the first question is harder to pinpoint. You see, it started pre-internet, you know, when everyone was an idiot.

The Bearded Man heard a tune playing from a passing car while he was parked on the side of the road that was so good, he just had to follow it.

Not being able to Shazam, not being able to Spotify, he had no choice but to pack up, and follow the general direction the car was heading. It wouldn't be glamorous, but hell, it was worth it. For a song that good, he'd go anywhere.

later, he finally tracked down the car and its owner. That's how he met for the very first time!

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