Spinnin’ Records presents ‘GO!’ for ‘Spotify Running’

Spinnin’ Records has joined Running’ with a specially created mix of its best dance records. It’s the first label to join this special feature, having its artists, including the world famous DJ/producer Heldens, contribute to a mix for the Running feature. “It’s truly a challenge and honor to be providing the soundtrack of many runner’s workout”, the DJ says in a first response.

Often an early adopter, Spinnin’ Records has always tried to incorporate new developments to its musical output. The Dutch label was quick to use Spotify’s streaming possibilities for introducing new records to their audience, taking the medium’s dance collection to new heights.

Now has launched Running’, a feature made to use during running workouts, the label was eager to join in. “We have always enjoyed working with Spotify”, says Spinnin’s ceo Eelko van Kooten. “It’s a revolutionary platform where we’ve launched many records to see them rise to worldwide success. This new feature proves once more they’re ahead of the curve. This is a streaming site that knows what its users want, and we are more than proud to have the first label mix on this exciting new feature.”


The label has asked eleven of its DJ/producers to make a contribution to the Spinnin’ running mix, aptly titled ‘GO’. Artists like Martin Solveig & GTA, Quintino, Sander van Doorn, and Don Diablo made a special ‘GO! running mix’ of some of their biggest tracks, or even created an original record for the feature.

World famous DJ/producer Heldens, who made a special version of his widely acclaimed hit ‘Melody’ for ‘GO!’, is proud to have joined this format. “ Running matches your tempo, which makes it an exciting feature to choose and create music for. It’s not only an exciting challenge, but also underlines how Spotify is always thinking about music and how to make it a part of our daily lives in the most revolutionary way.”

You can find the mixes here: https://www.spotify.com/de/running/

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