Zulu Records Amsterdam 2015

The House Music imprint that has carved its unique niche in this crowded genre has once again created a stellar offering and this time it's to celebrate 20 years of the iconic Amsterdam Dance Event.

Bringing together artistes well known to ' followers, they serve up a six-track sampler jam packed with aural delights thanks to offerings from Oakland, Kevin Emme, Etienne Ozborne, Code3000, Fatfly, SP1DER, , Nick Hook and Martin Sharp.

Beatport: https://beatport.com/release/zulu-records-amsterdam-2015/

First up to the plate are Etienne Ozborne and SP1DER with ‘In The Air'. This talented pairing has combined their production prowess to deliver a bass driven track that kicks off proceedings in a style that will sit perfectly with the ADE faithful. They hand proceedings over to Code3000 and ‘Real Life'. Bassline + sultry vocal + epic keys = unforgettable sundowner. As the day draws to a close outside The Dylan Hotel, this is the track you'll need playing through your headphones.

Oakland takes the reins in spot three with ‘You Don't Know Me'. They serve up a track that will have you closing your eyes and swaying with the rhythm at the outset before bouncing towards a dance floor as the bass reverbs through your bones! Next up is Fatfly teaming up with Roland Clark to inspire you with a legendary vocal that says what we're all thinking – “House is the feeling”. There is no doubting the longevity of this sound and Fatfly remind us all of that. 20 years of ADE and House is stronger than ever. Summer may be over, but this feeling forever remains.

The penultimate track comes from Nick Hook and Martin Sharp with the club mix of their track ‘Joy'. A House music masterpiece that has been produced with house music at its heart – put your hands together and feel the joy!

The last track on 2015's Zulu ADE Sampler will probably slap you around the chops, Kevin Emme's ‘Wow' packs some serious weight. Zulu Records accepts no responsibility for any muscles you may pull dancing to this giant!

As far as ADE Samplers go, this one picks you up, rolls you up and puckers you up – Happy 20th Birthday ADE!

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