Meet Arch Jnr: The three-year-old DJ from South Africa!

A three-year-old DJ aced his audition on South Africa’s Got Talent and received the final golden buzzer of the season. DJ Arch Jnr from Alexandra township has been showcasing his skills on a mixing deck from the age of just one after his father introduced him to a DJing app.

After playing around with it, the youngster discovered a love for music and his ability for mixing developed from there. Featuring on the reality talent show, the toddler is introduced to show host Tats Nkonzo who appears to be shocked that it is the youngster, not the father, preparing to showcase his talent.

DJ Arch Jnr is carried out to the stage where he says hello to the judges – he to the crowd before paying special attention to DJ Fresh and giving him the thumbs up.

Via: DailyMail
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