Daft Punk movie “Unchained” (BBC Trailer)

Ever since the release of ‘s most recent album Random Access Memories, everyone in the electronic community and beyond has been clamoring for a sign of their return. While there hasn't been much to tide us over besides their involvement with TIDAL and circulating, unproven of an upcoming album, one project may be exactly what we need to weather the storm.

The highly sought-after documentary “Daft Punk Unchained,” which premiered on French television in June and in England this past weekend, has finally received its first official trailer courtesy of BBC Worldwide. During the video, several of the interviewees are shown discussing their admiration for the duo and experiences working alongside them. , Kanye West, Paul Williams, and all make a brief appearance beside exciting footage of Daft Punk's work and play over their long careers.

The last shot of the trailer shows one of the members standing in a desert unlocking his helmet and preparing to remove it. We must hand it to them, they know what this audience wants to see.

Watch below, and prepare for the worldwide release sometime later this year!

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