Arty feat. Blondfire – Glorius (Album) [Insomniac Records] (Updated)

That's what the Russian talent Arty posted on his official page on Facebook about his upcoming album titled “Glorious”:

“I'm so happy and really thrilled to finally anounce the release of my album – piece of music that I've been working on for almost 2 years!

It was probably the best and hardest creative time in my life. The whole idea behind this album was to show my musical diversity, but at the same time – create something that people would feel as one piece of musical journey. Style wise it would go through all possible ranges that I could explore and fit into one long play.

From the start I didn't want to put myself into one-style frames, so I was trying to discover as much different genres, type of vocals and harmonies as possible.

I finally had a chance to seat with song-writers in a studio and make emotional impact not only with a music, but with words and lyrics, which is such a powerful instrument, that can help and push your music even closer to the listeners.

The whole work ended up as really intimate journey. Through ideas that I gathered from my old projects or ones, that I've created while working on it.

There will be some pop records, indie-dance records, old school progressive and french-house inspired tracks. And it's not only that.

I can't wait for people to hear it, and I really hope that listeners will find those small things and details, that they would relate to themselves, feel it personal or simply enjoy music that I've put so much soul into.

#Glorious will finally be available on October 9th!”

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