The Chainsmokers & Tritonal feat. Emily Warren – Until You Were Gone [Disruptor Records]

The ChainsmokersSo what happens when 2 New Yorkers and 2 Texan's get together… Actually that sounds like it would be some political debate, but in this case great progressive House!

“So basically Tritonal hit up maybe 5 months ago about working together on a track! We had always been HUGE fans of their work and literally the same day we were messing around with this Emily Warren Vocal. Tritonal sent over this demo idea and it was so dope! Over the next couple months we tweaked it and eventually arrived at a perfect blend of both our styles”, said .

“Hats off to Chad and Dave though, such legends, and unbelieveable producers… you think you know about sound , take a seat cause these dudes will fuck your world up!”

“Nevertheless, in the end we wound up with a beautiful progressive track with an incredible vocal that will get stuck in your head instantly! Literally Emily is one of the best writers out there right now! AND we are all so proud to give you this track! SO PLEASE go out share the song, buy the song, and have a great time with it!”

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