Merk & Kremont premiered a lot of new IDs on Ultra Music Festival 2016 but this one distinguishes.

This ID circles the Internet as a collaboration between Dannic and Mako ripped from the former’s Ultra 2016 live performance. Unfortunately the title remains a mystery. More info soon.

These are the moments that give you goosebumps, the moments that stay in your mind for several years after watching live events like Ultra Music Festival.

Pendulum performed in one of Ultra Music Festival’s best sets and they have finished their show by bringing the one and only deadmau5 live on stage in order to perform his legendary collaboration with Rob Swire, “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff.”

This was probably the best ways to end a big live set like this one, especially after witnessing the group’s 4-year break from music as Pendulum.

The video below is a short one, but we know that every music lover around the globe will enjoy this moment.

Manse is at his best phase, as he reveals tracks that draw the listener’s attention from the first seconds. His next track is a remix for Armin Van Buuren‘s #Freefall, which was premiered on #Ultra2016 by Armada‘s chief. Manse’s great touch is set for release on Armin’s label.

To identify the artist who makes these passionate vocals on this particular track seems almost impossible, especially because it could be just the case of using some excellent samples.

“All My Life” was also presented by Avicii in Miami, including another exclusive song in his great live set.

Avicii‘s shortest preview was the one that caught the attention of music streamers around the world, while watching the 26-year-old performing live on Ultra Music Festival‘s main stage.

This one doesn’t feature any vocals, which of course can be changed in the future, but this track feels pretty strong and promising regarding its melody.

Starting your live set with a particular song doesn’t have to mean anything regarding availability and release date, but this one feels like Avicii‘s next big hit single.

The newest leak of “Without You” featured some refreshed vocals from Alessandro Cavazza and it really seems that it’s probably up and ready to see its final label release this year.

You should take the information regarding this track with a pinch of salt, since none of this has been confirmed by Avicii himself. Well, except for the fact that this song belongs to him.

The vocals strongly remind us of Aloe Blacc‘s voice and various uploaders and streamers have put his name in the title during the last hours. Whether true or false, this is something that will be probably revealed in the next weeks.

We also included an older leak of this track below, with a better sound quality compared to the fresh ULTRA live rip and it really seems like this could be another collaboration between Avicii and Aloe Blacc.

Time to start with some posts regarding Avicii‘s new songs presented during his set in Miami.

The first one features also Alessandro Cavazza on the vocals and there are some rumors going around the internet that the final title of the song will be “Unbreakable”.