Avicii’s sophomore album Stories has been widely regarded as a moment of creative reckoning for the experimental dance icon turned proficient pop producer.

With latest single ‘Broken Arrows‘ taking a more traditional approach to the young Swede’s ever expanding sound, its official remixes call upon a wealth of fresh and fortified talents to don their hands to the album’s next conversation starter.

Recent Refune signees M-22 kick-start the package with a key driven run at the country-tinted single, whilst long-serving Aussie duo The Aston Shuffle lower the tempo and execute a beat-savvy and bass-favoring interpretation of the track.

The wild card of the package, Kid’s glitchy trap sound is a welcome surprise from the unknown talent, leaving At Night’s own Didrick to land off the heels of his recent collaboration with Fall Out Boy with an uptempo and reassuringly high octane finale to the accomplished package.

Swede superstar Avicii reveals the next official video for one of his sophomore album tracks. “Broken Arrows” first teaser is uploaded on YouTube and will premiere on November 24 in full length. Until then, take a taste below.

Avicii hints a new album coming in 2016!

Over the last few weeks, EDM DJ/producer Avicii has been hosting a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) panel, where he’s invited fans to quiz him on his new album ‘Stories’, production tips and more.

One of the burning questions from Avicii fans was the prospect of a third LP from the Swedish producer in 2016, to which Avicii responded that a new album was ‘highly likely’.

He also answered questions about his musical heroes (naming acts like Eric Prydz, Michael Jackson and Ray Charles), his tips and tricks for using FL Studio and lots more.

Source: Billboard

Avicii‘s long-awaited sophomore album “Stories” is released, giving fans 14 new sound gems.

“Stories” continues the trend Swede Tim Bergling established on True, featuring a range of influences from pop, country, Tropical and more blended with dance music production points and guest vocalists on every track.

Most notable is the fact that Stories marks Avicii’s full departure from typical EDM elements -titled by his fans with the label “Country EDM”- for more song-oriented production.

We’re just 24 hours away from the release of the long-awaited Stories, Avicii‘s sophomore album, but the Swede decided to drop off a third gift for those that can’t wait, after the “Broken Arrows” and “Ten More Days”.

Avicii’s unparalleled ability to cross folk, indie and electronic influence into an amalgam of beauty is truly amazing to behold, and Stories puts all of these talents on display in stark contrast of each other for what is already turning out to be one of the best albums of 2015.

So among the most toned-down track off Stories, “Gonna Love Ya” is a beautiful ballad comfortably fit into any electronic music genre, showing another exceptional portrayal of just how diverse Tim Bergling has become.