We release and share our music with a different approach. AVANT/GARDE is represented by ambassadors all over the world. Music passionates, tastemakers.

    Our releases are free of charge. Everything we ask for is for you to share what you love. You share every day. So join the movement and share forward thinking music.

    Submit your demos at: www.vntgrd.com/contact

  • MIRAGE Records | www.itsmiragerecords.com

    Welcome to Mirage Records, a free music label devoted to delivering the best electronic sounds from talented artists from all around the world.

    Send all your demos (unsigned) to ItsMirageMusic@gmail.com to have your track featured!

  • PERUSE RECORDS | www.peruserecords.com

    The Imprint of famous BANG BANG Playlist in one unique label.

    Submit your demos here: demo.peruserecords.com

  • BMD Ψ Friends | www.beatmyday.com (formerly known)

    Beat My Day team created its own label: “We want to be a collaborative platform for all sorts of creativity and release music from all over the world!”

    Send demos to demos@bmdwithfriends.com