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Eddie Thoneick – ID (/w Laurent Konrad – Spread Love) [Sosumi Records]

As it seems Eddie Thoneick revives Fight Club’s smash hit of 2003 “Spread Love” featuring once again Konrad’s amazing vocals.

Twelve years later a new version of this masterpiece comes on Kryder’s label “Sosumi Records”.

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Take a taste of Avicii’s new album “Stories” [PRMD] | Studio Quality Preview Mix

“Stories” is the upcoming second studio album by Swedish record producer and deejay Avicii. It’s scheduled to be released on digital retailers on 2 October 2015 via PRMD Records.
It comes preceded by the promotional singles “The Days“, included on Ralph Lauren’s Denim & Supply commercial and the second promotional song “The Nights“, included on FIFA 15 game soundtrack. Both tracks will not be included in the album.
About the album, Avicii said:
It’s going to be a lot more song-oriented. True was an attempt at that, getting electronic music in a song format. During Future Music Festival in Australia, Avicii premiered brand new track called “Heaven” featuring vocals of Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin, another track who missed the final album’s cut. The producer teams up with Swedish multinational Volvo and released a re-work of Nina Simone’s classic “Feeling Good“ on May 8th. Another track which is not included on the album.
Avicii released the proper and official lead single “Waiting For Love“ on May 22nd. The next official singles, a double A-Side track “Pure Grinding” / “For a Better Day“, was released along the pre-order of the album on iTuens on August 28th.


  1. Waiting for Love
  2. Talk to Myself
  3. Touch Me
  4. Ten More Days
  5. For a Better Day
  6. Broken Arrows
  7. True Believer
  8. City Lights
  9. Pure Grinding
  10. Sunset Jesus
  11. Can’t Catch Me
  12. Somewhere In Stockholm
  13. Trouble
  14. Gonna Love Ya

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Revealed Recordings presents ADE sampler 2015

With a number of its artists considered the biggest and best in the genre, Revealed Recordings has established itself as something of an electronic music dynasty over the years. Hosting stages at the world’s biggest festivals, including Tomorrowland and Creamfields, and essentially dominating the current dance music landscape with a chain of strong releases by both established and rising artists, Revealed recordings now releases an incredible sampler of its diverse talent ahead of their annual showcase at Amsterdam Dance Event – The ADE Sampler 2015, available from September 25th.

Label boss Hardwell curates a selection of some of the finest music that Revealed has to offer, 10 tracks of pure quality and a perfect example of the expertly produced, innovative progressive house that the label specialises in. Beginning with Kill the Buzz & Futuristic Polar Bears’ titanic ‘Shake it off’, and subsequently demonstrating the production skills of the uber-talented rising star Joey Dale on the energetic and kinetic ‘Epsilon’ and transitioning into the huge electro house drops that Bali Bandits are becoming increasingly synonymous with with on their brand new track ‘OOST’. Also featured is ‘The Heat’ by Domeno & Michael Sparks, their celebrated 2015 release that sees a percussive focus combined with the pulsating electronics that permeate throughout the spectrum of Revealed releases.

With choice cuts from Holl & Rush, Marcus Santoro & Jason Forte and Jake Sgarlato also making appearances, Revealed’s ADE sampler is surely both the compilation of the year and a brilliant lead up to their presentations at ADE itself, where they will host parties, workshops and conferences alike. With Hardwell at the top of his game, and his stellar roster in similar form, Revealed Recordings will continue to set the trends and influence the movements of the genre for the years ahead, using their colossal influence to both bring through an ensemble cast of new talent and release music by the current titans of the genre – Catch the Hardwell presents night at the Heineken Music Hall on Wednesday, October 14th.


Arston & Jay Colin – Endless [Armada Trice]

Arston is turning into an Armada Trice regular fast, turning in more and more terrific records to the imprint.

Joining forces with IDMA award winning vocalist Jay Colin, the Belarus based DJ/producer shows why his sound deserves ‘Endless’ amounts of praise and acclaim.

Arston is one to watch, and this record is completely overflowing with heaps of energy, pristine melodies and all-round musical goodness… even if we’re getting used in waiting his unreleased ID tracks for a long time.

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Arty feat. Blondfire – Glorius (Album) [Insomniac Records] (Updated)

That’s what the Russian talent Arty posted on his official page on Facebook about his upcoming album titled “Glorious”:

“I’m so happy and really thrilled to finally anounce the release of my album – piece of music that I’ve been working on for almost 2 years!

It was probably the best and hardest creative time in my life. The whole idea behind this album was to show my maximum musical diversity, but at the same time – create something that people would feel as one piece of musical journey. Style wise it would go through all possible ranges that I could explore and fit into one long play.

From the start I didn’t want to put myself into one-style frames, so I was trying to discover as much different genres, type of vocals and harmonies as possible.

I finally had a chance to seat with song-writers in a studio and make emotional impact not only with a music, but with words and lyrics, which is such a powerful instrument, that can help and push your music even closer to the listeners.

The whole work ended up as really intimate journey. Through ideas that I gathered from my old projects or ones, that I’ve created while working on it.

There will be some pop records, indie-dance records, old school progressive and french-house inspired tracks. And it’s not only that.

I can’t wait for people to hear it, and I really hope that listeners will find those small things and details, that they would relate to themselves, feel it personal or simply enjoy music that I’ve put so much soul into.

#Glorious will finally be available on October 9th!”

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Arty, Matisse & Sadko – ID (RIP) [Glorius Album]

While the EDM community awaits his new album “Glorius”, which will finally be available on October 9th, IDs carrying his name go round the internet.

In this track Arty partners for the umpteenth time with his fellow Russians, Matisse & Sadko.

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Marcus Schossow & Years x Corey James – ID [Code Red]

That’s what we call a “Veature” track here in Viral bpm.

Marcus Schossow teases his new collaboration with Years and Corey James by giving a short video preview on his FB page.

We assume it’ll be released in Code Red, but for further information we’ll have to wait a little longer.

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Sebastian Bronk & Bad Nelson – Strong [Megaloud Recordings]

Dutch producer Sebastian Bronk has teamed up with fellow Swiss countryman and Megaloud powerhouse Bad Nelson for their debut collaboration “STRONG”, an electronic dance groove anthem with plenty of mainstage power.

This monster tune has been a crowd favorite over the summer months and look to continue gaining as we head into the latter part of the year.

“Strong” start out and something electro and groovy house track, but soon breaks into proper huge electric bass territory, with an epic main break rocked by a strong guitar lead.

The full force of “Strong” is never far away though, the catchy synths and brutal bass riffs soon kick in with a vengeance, making for a track that treads the line between mainstream appeal and underground credibility.

It’s certainly a rather special pairing, and you be sure that although this first time the two hit the studio together, it probably won’t be the last.