Hardwell conquers 2015 DJ AWARDS ahead of The DJ Mag Top 100 results

The DJ Mag Top 100 may dominate the headlines throughout the year, but a number of other award bodies for electronic music exist to reward exemplary producing and DJing. One of those awards organizations, the Ibiza-based DJ Awards, celebrated its 18th anniversary this year, and the winners for its 2015 edition represent the very best in electronic music today.

The awards are split in various categories, notably between DJ awards and special awards (such as technical awards and event awards). Hardwell came out on top with two awards, winning for the Electro/Progressive House and International DJ categories. Other big awards were given to Disclosure for the Electronica category, Armin van Buuren for the trance category, and Carl Cox for the techno category. In the miscellaneous awards, South Africa interestingly won the “Dance Nation of the Year” award (where “Breakthrough” winner Black Coffee hails) and free DJ software Rekordbox won the “Cutting Edge” award.

View the full list of the 2015 DJ Awards winners below:

DJ Awards
Deep House: Solomun
Breakthrough: Black Coffee
Tech House: Luciano and Hot Since 82
Techno: Carl Cox
Bass: Hannah Wants
International DJ: Hardwell
Trance: Armin Van Buuren
Electronica: Disclosure
Progressive House/ Electro: Hardwell
Newcomer: Cuartero

Special Awards
Cutting Edge: Rekordbox
Dance Nation Of The Year: South Africa
Electronic Music Pioneer: Arthur Baker
Electronic Live Performance: Faithless at BBC Radio 1 20-Ibiza Rocks
Ibiza DJ – Powered by Vicious Magazine: Manu Gonzalez
Ibiza Music Event: IMS Dalt Vila Festival
International Festival – Supported by Pioneer DJ Radio: We Are FSTVL
Ibiza Night: Acid Sundays
Producer: Claptone
Record Label Of The Year: Life and Death
Track Of The Season: “Acamar” Frankey & Sandrino

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Revealed Recordings brings top-tier line-up to Portugal for New Years Eve 2015 with Mega Hits Radio

Hot on the heels of the Revealed Recordings Asia tour, that saw five of the hottest talents on the imprint descend on the continent bringing their big-room bangers and high-octane energy, Hardwell’s chart-topping label is now pleased to welcome a colossal line-up to Portugal, on the hottest night of the year, New Years Eve.

In conjunction with Mega Hits Radio, not one, not two, but SEVEN of the imprint’s artists will create memories unlike any other, coming to both Lisbon and Porto for the event of 2015, poised and ready to create a night to truly remember. Dannic will be bringing his unmistakable grooves, Sick Individuals will instigate the madness with their progressive sounds, Julian Calor gets set to evolve even further, whilst Joey Dale, Tom & Jame, Thomas Newson and Manse will also join in the fun.

This exclusive Mega Hits Revealed New Years Eve Party will be the greatest way to sign in 2016, with the label’s all-stars providing the ultimate main-stage sound and top-tier entertainment, with anthems, confetti and bubbles galore, all in this truly amazing setting. Make sure you don’t miss out, grab your coveted ticket and get ready to party into a whole new chapter.

For more information check socials:
www.revealedrecordings.com | www.facebook.com/revealedrecordings |www.twitter.com/revealedrec

DJ Mag Top 100 Results Leaked (2015)!

Is this the real deal or maybe some kind of hoax? It seems that Martin Garrix will snatch up Hardwell’s throne on Dj Mag’s Top 100 list for the year 2015, at least those are the news that have been leaked during the last hours on several websites. You can check out the picture below and evaluate this years’ Top 100 list yourself , which seems at first glance pretty accurate. Are you diggin’ those charts? Is there some artist which could have been placed on a higher spot? Let us now on the comment section below.

top100 dj mag


Ultra Music Festival brings some nostalgia with 2015 Miami aftermovie in 4K

Relive ULTRA MIAMI 2015 experience with the official 4K aftermovie of this year’s music festival.

In this 14-minute long recap you can listen tracks from Skrillex, Sleepy Tom, HI-LO, before it closes out with the Martin Garrix’s “Don’t crack under pressure” [Sharkwire Music].

This year’s aftermovie captures all of the memory-making moments that defined 2015′s event. So turn your speakers and your quality up for this one.

Hardwell’s Guest List Event in Mumbai gathers already 125,000 fans

Over 125,000 registrations and counting have been clocked in for the World’s Biggest Guest List, featuring World #1 DJ Hardwell. The Dec 13, 2015 event, happening in one of India’s largest stadiums, is already one of the most talked about dance music events of the year. The last date for registrations is 30 Sept 2015, so Hardwell and dance music fans that haven’t yet logged on to foundation.djhardwell.com and registered, shouldn’t hestiate any longer!

The event is completely free for fans, as Hardwell is placing each and every one of them on his own personal guest list. After registrations close at the end of September, 100,000 lucky fans from this list will be given a chance to attend the event with their friends. Bookings will be opened on a pre-determined date, only for a few hours, to those who have registered. Fans will have to battle it out for the-first-come-first-serve spots on the guest list.

With 100,000 fans in the stadium, the event is attempting to set a Guinness World Record for the biggest ever guest list event.

In regards to the huge number of fans already registered for the event, Hardwell has this to say: “India is without doubt one of the hottest countries in the world right now for dance music. No one has more hunger and passion for dance music than Indian crowds.”

Shailendra Singh, the Indian Entertainment Maverick hosting this event says, “The Indian fans are just incredible. When Hardwell and Anna Knaup and I came together to make this event a reality, we knew we were on to something special. Dance music is able to unite the world for a cause, and I am just so proud that the fire is starting right here in India.”

Log on to foundation.djhardwell.com to register for your chance to be on the guest list, and to find out more about this world record breaking event!

Read Avicii’s essay about the long standing controversy regarding “Country EDM”

Avicii decided to address the long standing controversy regarding “Country EDM” term an EDM in general.

In his short essay on the subject, Tim Bergling, writes about his inspiration in exploring new genres and sounds, and explains why he’s not concerned with all the labels and terms.

Read his full statement/essay below:

“The short answer is: I dont consider it Country EDM even if thats the label it’s gotten, but I got into that sound by the music I was listening to and loving at the time. Below is a more in depth answer.

It was never a point were I “got into” “Country EDM”. Firstly the country label even surprised me after my ultra appearance, and quite honestly Im getting quite bored of these labels people and artists feel the need to put on their music in order to make themselves sound more unique.

My first answer would be: My music stems from all forms of music, whether it’s considered country edm , blues techno or jazz trap doesnt really matter to me anymore. I love music. All kinds of music with the common denominator that its almost always melodic. It is true, my artistic image and first real romance with a genre was house music – I still get goosebumps when I hear Teasing mr Charlie by Steve Angello, or Shadows by Prydz and I still play and get the same kick from that type of music. After grinding for 6 years making what at the was considered progressive house music (for some odd reason) i.e Levels, Bromance, Fade into darkness etc etc I was eager to evolve, as most artists are. How dull it would have been if every Ray Charles song, every Beatles song was based on the exact same formula? The safe bet for me would definitely have been to keep milking that Levels recipe – I know how to do it and it comes quite easily to me. I obviously knew there was a huge risk involved in a rapid change in my music but I also loved every song on True, and I love every song on Stories. A couple happened to be influenced by country – or rather its subgenre Bluegrass and european Folk music. True represented very much what I was listening to at the time, like Fleet Foxes, Mumford and Sons, of Monsters and Men, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and countless other examples. ‘A man of constant sorrow’ most famously sung by Dan Tyminski in the film ‘Oh brother where are though?’ Made me contact Dan and see if he’d be interested in singing on a song I’d written with Salem Al Fakir and Vincent Pontare and that turned out to be Hey Brother. Wake me up was a proper jam song that with Aloe Blaccs Motown-esque sound made it into something quite other than conventional country.

Ive never really been a fan of country in general to be honest – the general mass of it follow very similar chord progressions and feels like the same song alot of the times. In lack of a less judgmental word at this time I see and hear a clear difference in the type of “redneck country” and bluegrass (noted here should be that there are “redneck country” classics that stands out and are amazing songs – but thats not the general mass unfortunately). A lot of the separation of the two for me has to do with the Swedish equivalent to country which ironically translates into “Dance Bands” which for example would be:

Nevermind the swedish language, Im sure you get the drift. So this is basically my explanation why the Country label surprised me, and also why I think labels on music are such a limitation. The instant people heard a banjo they put the label Country on it which is a very vast array of music that most people dont even realize is country, but the first thing that people think about when they see the word is a Texan cowboy or “redneck”.

Ive been experementing alot over the past three years, and have written and produced a wide array of songs with influences from a wide array of genres and I find it quite funny that out of the 10 songs on True there were really only two songs that could be viewed at as ‘country inspired’ and yet – thats the instant label I got because Wake me up became what it became. Unfortunately I think alot of songs from that album got lost, partly because of that Country label. For instance, my personal favorite track of True would be probably be ‘Shame on me’ or ‘Lay me down’

The last part I will address is the term EDM. Alot of producers and DJs, almost all of them, have despised that label since it just mashes it all together to electronic dance music. This creates a feeling from everyone that ‘Hey my music is different than X, therefor it should be called something else, have another label’. In reality it doesnt matter what label a song has, its either something you like or dislike. This is also why the term ‘guilty pleasure’ is odd to me, why would you feel guilty for liking something just because someone have put a label on it? A great personal example for me would be:

This is a great song, in almost every aspect. A pop song aimed more towards the female audience yes of course – you have to see, or rather hear, it for what it is. Where is the shame or guilt in this? Youre not going to watch Ironman 3 expecting to get the same sensation and emotional experience as ‘The Fountain’ or ’12 angry men’. You see Ironman for what it is – a great fn over the top and top of the line action blockbuster with supercool special effects and entertainment. It probably isnt a movie that will move you, you wont have to think to much to understand it. But that type of movies are also needed because sometimes you just want to be entertained – but theres no ‘Guilty pleasure’ in that. Its just a different form of art that serves a different purpose.

Im sorry for the essay but I’ve been asked this question so many times I felt I wanted to give it a proper, genuine response once and for all.”


Daft Punk movie “Unchained” (BBC Trailer)

Ever since the release of Daft Punk‘s most recent album Random Access Memories, everyone in the electronic community and beyond has been clamoring for a sign of their return. While there hasn’t been much to tide us over besides their involvement with TIDAL and circulating, unproven rumors of an upcoming album, one project may be exactly what we need to weather the storm.

The highly sought-after documentary “Daft Punk Unchained,” which premiered on French television in June and in England this past weekend, has finally received its first official trailer courtesy of BBC Worldwide. During the video, several of the interviewees are shown discussing their admiration for the duo and experiences working alongside them. Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Paul Williams, and Nile Rodgers all make a brief appearance beside exciting footage of Daft Punk’s work and play over their long careers.

The last shot of the trailer shows one of the members standing in a desert unlocking his helmet and preparing to remove it. We must hand it to them, they know what this audience wants to see.

Watch below, and prepare for the worldwide release sometime later this year!


Max Vangeli announced through his FB page “THE LAB”, an interactive production forum, where you can post your music ideas, as well as learn from various video tutorials provided.

Furthermore, “THE LAB” will also host a ton of exclusive competitions and exciting interactions for the members.

As Vangeli claims, “Not only will I be 100% involved with the feedback and critique of your work, I also teamed up with a few great producers that will share their input as well”.

Read his announcement below.

Hey Guys!!! A few months ago I announced the upcoming launch of my own production forum and after a lengthy process of perfecting it we are finally ready to GO! When I was starting my musical journey sources such as the Laidback Luke forum greatly helped me improve my skills and acquire the knowledge to succeed and grow as a producer. That’s when I made a promise to myself that one day I would like to do the same for my fans. I want to share my knowledge and help anyone creatively as much as possible. With that said I would like to present “THE LAB”, an interactive production forum I am launching in order to achieve my mission.

“THE LAB” is going to be a fun and interactive environment where you can post your music ideas, as well as learn from various video tutorials provided. “THE LAB” will also host a ton of exclusive competitions and exciting interactions for our members only. Not only will I be 100% involved with the feedback and critique of your work, I also teamed up with a few great producers that will share their input as well.

Another amazing addition to the forum is my partnership with “ZenWorld”, an incredible sound designer who will be posting exclusive video tutorials and sound banks for members only. His “Synthology” section is going to help young producers develop and re create some of the popular and essential sounds in electronic music.

With that said I want to welcome you all to “THE LAB” and I hope our team is going to make your experience fun and exciting, because after all music is supposed to be that way!!!

To join “THE LAB” and become a member, please visit: http://thelab.maxvangeli.com/

Best Regards,
Max Vangeli

EDM community bids a sad farewell to David Guetta production manager Alan Green

The dance community has lost another one of its beloved figures. On September 20th it was reported that Alan Green, former production manager for Cream and current manager of David Guetta, had passed away peacefully in his sleep. While the exact cause of death remains unknown, it’s theorized that the manager’s ongoing battle with nocturnal epilepsy had been a contributing factor.

Green was a highly respected figure in electronic music; past career successes aside from managing EDM superstar Guetta included seven years of running production for Liverpool’s infamous Cream club, touring with Sasha and Carl Cox, and providing his valuable services to Creamfields and The Warehouse project. He was also an outspoken activist for epilepsy, which he had been dealing with for over 10 years and had recently held an interview with The Daily Record to build awareness of the disease and to break stigmas associated with it.

His loss is already being strongly felt throughout the community; following a somber tweet from David Guetta thanking him for all his work, an outpouring of remembrance occurred throughout all social media outlets as people from all facets of the electronic music industry expressed their condolences. DJ Sneak’s Facebook post reflected a sentiment felt widely by those affected over the loss: “Always helpful in any situation, he spent time making sure people’s travels and life were good to continue on any tour.”

Green is survived by his wife Lainie and his nine year-old son Ewan. Our condolences go out to his family.

via: The Daily Record