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Shermanology turn a new page with ‘The Phylosophy’ EP

Shermanology showcased “The Phylosophy EP” on the Dirty Soul Music imprint.

It’s a collection of 5 songs presenting the sound they’ve always wanted to share.

Baselines & vocals galore in this mix of sing-along songs and groovy club tracks. Let’s bring back those feel good vibezzz!

Opening remarks ‘The Madness’ and ‘Sweet Surrender’ play into the hook-led club play that Shermanlogy’s more recent studio output has leant towards.

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Volt & State – Haunted (ADE Exclusive) [Protocol]

Volt & State are the eminent Dutch production duo that have captivated dance music lovers across the globe with their enthralling and emphatic sound. Martijn Kouwen (Martin Volt) and Quirijn Smits (Quentin State) joined forces after they crossed paths online, drawn together by their mutual love for music and production.

Recently, they gave a little taste of their next single, posting a snippet on their Official FB page, while they played it for the first time in their set at Airbeat One Festival on Germany.

“Haunted” will be presented in Protocols Recordings ADE Exclusive tracks. If you want our opinion, it’s a masterpiece.

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Jeremy Olander – Exchange (Hanover EP) [SUARA]

The past five months have seen Sweden’s Jeremy Olander gravitate towards a host of Europe’s most respected imprints, a move that signalled considerably maturity for the progressive pundit with a proven underground flare. Past his microCastle debut, the inauguration of his lo-fi concept and the confirmation that his own Vivrant imprint was in the works, remix duties for Dosem saw Olander lock horns with Spanish heavyweights Suara for a seemingly natural debut on Coyu’s cat-loving label.

Formally debuting for the label with the forthcoming three-track Hannover EP, ‘Lunar’ plays testament to the blissful middle-ground Olander has struck since shaking the shackles of being a mere musical protege. Uplifting in temperament yet groovy in all the right places, this melodic club cut speaks of a journey growing stronger and more eclectic with every release from the Stockholm talent. Jeremy Olander is truly balancing the best of both worlds, but what’s more, he’s made doing it one’s own terms sound ridiculously good.

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Cazzette – Desserts EP [ICONS/PRMD]

Over the Last year Cazzette has demonstrated a fantastic knack for diversity. Despite recently reinventing their sound, Cazzette shows no signs of stopping their path of innovation. Enter their latest EP ‘Desserts’

At its core Desserts is a house release, with some very solid tunes and a few tricks up its sleeve. Be sure to peep it below via Spotify!