Kideko & Après – Get The Funk [SubSoul]

Kideko has had a whirlwind of a year, coming out of the shadow with his underground hit The Jam to reaching chart success with Crank It. Here he’s back in deeper territory with his new SubSoul release, Get The Funk, a collaboration with Après, a producer revealed by Chicago, his 2015 release on the label:

Get The Funk will be included in the SubSoul & Friends Vol. 2 EP which is due out on the 27th January and includes original tracks from the likes of Icarus, Kideko and Après as well as Sly-One and Dillon Nathaniel.


Track List:

  1. Sly-One X Kattison – High On You
  2. Dillon Nathaniel – Cymatic
  3. Kideko x Après  –  Get the funk
  4. Arle [x Icarus] – Close To You