Kiholm – Maracuja |Code Red|

The summer is here with “Maracuja”, it is Kiholm his debut on Marcus Schössow’s label Code Red.

The groovy track has been kept secret for months and until the weekend before the release almost no one knew who produced the Mediterranean flavored house track. Even the DJ’s tied to Code Red had no clue who was responsible for “Maracuja”. What they did know, was that they loved the track!

The sun starts to shine instantly with Kiholm his groovy production, which kicks off with a big and pretty aggressive bass line. The track keeps building towards the break, but brings a surprising piano and guitar melody there. Instead of the heavy banger you might expect “Maracuja” changes into a smooth and groovy house tune for the summer. The Mediterranean flavored tune will make people groove and shake their hips for sure.

Kiholm debuts graciously with his tune “Maracuja” on Code Red. It is not the first time the Danish DJ/producer and Marcus Schössow find each other. Kiholm has a long history in the trance scene and released on Schössow his previous label Tone Diary. Times are changing though and Kiholm is exploring the new territories within dance music.

Maracuja” has been one of Code Red label it secret ID tracks for months and we are proud to be able to share it with you. Especially because it also embarks the start of the next phase in Kiholm his career. The Danish DJ/producer has broken his creative boundaries to come up with something fresh and groovy. Something we encourage and respect a lot. And given the fact “Maracuja” is such a sweet tune; we just had to release it.

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