BLR – Nungwi |AFTR:HRS|

Listen to the world premiere of the first ever AFTR:HRS release, on April 23, 2016 during Danny Howard’s Dance Anthems on BBC Radio 1. Releasing on May 20, get ready for “Nungwi” by BLR.

Tiësto introduced the new label on social media by saying, “I have always loved playing deep house and more mellow tracks in my radio show and my live shows, but I also love to listen to it when I drive or go out late night/early morning! I wanted to create a new label just to release these types of tracks. So today, I am launching AFTR : HRS. Get ready for some great music!”

The identity of BLR is currently a secret, but there’s nothing furtive about “Nungwi,” which rises and falls in light, relentless waves. There’s a breezy, humid quality to the track’s hollow, wooden percussion and airy blobs of synth, making it an appropriate release for the summer months.