Paris Blohm – Something About You |Revealed|

Los Angeles native Paris Blohm’s latest track ‘Something About You’ entirely justifies the hype surrounding the young producer.

An atmospheric, considered, and ethereal take on progressive house executed with style and flair, ‘Something About You’ follows on from Blohm’s previous Revealed release, ‘Left Behind’, a track that went on to be one of the label’s biggest ever songs.

Released April 25th on Hardwell‘s imprint, ‘Something About You’ looks set to reach the lofty heights set by its predecessor and further reinforce Blohm’s claim as one of the year’s most promising artists. With a pulsating melody, an incredible vocal track and seamless production, ‘Something about you’ immediately distinguishes itself from the crowd with an oscillating introduction, before launching into a monumental chorus.

Out April 25th, ‘Something About You’ will serve to launch Paris Blohm further into the stratosphere and solidify his position as one of Progressive House’s most promising talents. Catch ‘Something About You’ through Revealed recordings and watch as Blohm goes supernova.

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