Cuebrick & APEK feat. Linney – Safe (Breathe Carolina Edit) |Enhanced|

Teaming up for one of Enhanced‘s most star-studded line-up’s to date, Cuebrick, APEK, Breathe Carolina & Linney combine in the meticulously energising ‘Safe‘.

With four of the scene’s hottest talents all present, ‘Safe‘ remains far from it’s namesake, fluently incorporating each producer’s individual approach.

Cuebrick‘s growling, bass-heavy style remains a force throughout whilst APEK‘s gliding harmony & melodic touches seamlessly accompany Linney‘s outstanding vocal work.

Signed, sealed and delivered in a polished Breathe Carolina Edit to result in a finely tuned Progressive House masterclass.

A tour-de-force of Enhanced Recordings talents, ‘Safe‘ has arrived.

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