The Chainsmokers ft Charlee – Inside Out (Disruptor Records)

Long story but we found Charlee through our buddy Adrian Lux. We asked him who the girl was who had been singing on a few of his records and he pointed us in the direction of Charlee. This was about 1.5 years ago. We sent Charlee a couple demo ideas and it wasn’t long before we got Inside Out and we fell head over heals for her.

So Charlee is from Sweden is probably the coolest, most authentic dark soul we have ever met. She oozes these types of heavy vibey lyrics. Our only regret is taking so long to get this song out but our first attempt was halted due to a computer crash and project loss… but we think it bounced back even better.

We have held this song really close though so we hope you enjoy it!


Yo we just want to say thanks to you all for making this year so special already with the support on Don’t Let Me Down and making Roses 2x Platinum. We are busting our asses right now finishing up some more music that we think will top anything we have done before.

We are also working on some very very special shows for you guys from the festival experiences we are putting on to the Dreaming Brand we are launching at Red Rocks!


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