Mike Hawkins feat. Disfunk & Oisin – Follow |Armada|

Mike Hawkins’ first offering to Armada Music is taking it to the next level alright, comprising beautifully strummed rhythm guitars and feel-good chord progressions.

Follow’, featuring Disfunk and the vocals of Oisín, whips up the crowd through a delicate mixture of sparkling synths and a whirring bassline. The new era of Mike Hawkins starts on Armada Music… And what a start it is!

Follow” reflects every part of his inner journey, setting the tone with uplifting ambiance that incorporates vibrant beats and rhythm guitars. Hawkins says the single was created right after the shift and expresses a side of him that’s “felt locked up for a while. Each chorus of “I will follow” seems like his inner cry out to the world.

“It’s back to the grit and good times of some of my best musical memories from childhood,” Hawkins adds. “There was an instant chemistry in the studio with Disfunk and Oisin, mostly because we grew up with a lot of the same influences. Oisin came with a fantastic vocal that perfectly complements the record and I feel like we really connected on this one.”

“Follow” is out April 4 and Hawkins says more music will soon follow. Check out the single below, along with an interview with Mike Hawkins on his transition and new music.

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